About Us

CT Bakery is  a commercial bakery with a unique program, as we have positioned ourselves with the best quality, hand finished, Thaw & Serve frozen product. What began as a small but thriving 5,000 square foot fresh bakery in 2005, has evolved into a 30,000 square foot bakery of the best quality customizable classic and gourmet donuts.

Every single day we bake a wide variety of Classic and Gourmet Thaw and Serve donuts in different types, sizes, fillings toppings, finishes, and packaging configurations depending on the channel we sell into. This range of donuts are sold to leading retailers and food service operators across Canada and the United States, South America and the UAE.

Throughout our history, we have continually transformed ourselves in order to provide the quality goods and services our customers depend on. In all that time, however, we have remained true to our core beliefs. CT will always be known as a business where every individual takes pride in all they do and the customer always comes first.


  • CT Bakery offers a frozen Thaw & Sell program for our donut products with a 7 day ambient shelf life and 6 month frozen at -18° C temperature
  • We work with leading retailers and food companies to co-brand, supply and assist in the development of their “own” brand or private label initiatives
  • We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and our production facility is just 90 minutes away from the US/Canada Border
  • We have deep experience and knowledge in shipping cross-country within Canada, the US, and internationally (South America and the UAE)
  • Our team is well versed and accustomed to supporting a US based business from label development, regulatory compliance, Customs and Brokerage, transportation, etc.
  • You can find our donuts under the CT Bakery brand or generic labels