Welcome to CT Bakery!

Our donuts have been bringing smiles to people since 2014. CT Bakery is dedicated to producing the best hand finished. Classic & Gourmet Donuts, using traditional baking techniques. Out Donuts come in all sorts of unique and delicious varieties, so there is a donut for everyone! What’s your favorite?

What’s New?

Delicious! These new Cookies & Cream Donuts are to die for! Inspired by the bestselling cookie, these mini donuts filled with white cream filling and cookie crumbs, topped off with smooth vanilla coating and cookies on top to give it that crunchy taste in your mouth. Yummm!

Quality Control

Food Safety is embedded into our culture as the number 1 priority. All our plants are audited to the BRC 6 standard with an “A” rating - the highest achievable result possible.

Solutions, speed and versatility

Our strengths include always finding solutions not matter how challenging; Delivering products and programs quickly to provide our customers an edge in the market; On time deliveries and after sale service.

Our Mission

Pride |  Customer Service  |  Quality

CT Bakery makes donuts.

In fact, we specialize in making delicious, high quality, fully finished, thaw and sell donuts in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavours. (Ask us about our innovative Mini Gourmet Donut programs!)

We are also known for customer service,  because we believe that the way to build relationships is to be transparent and accountable.

Our good governance and product quality are supported by a passionate team  of long-standing food industry professionals. The continuing success of our business is intimately interconnected with relationships we’ve developed in all areas of our business: Procurement, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Operations and our Senior Leadership Team. This company structure gives us a strong base to not only meet customer demand; but to meet and exceed expectations.

This is important to us as we are a business where every team member takes pride in helping deliver great tasting, exciting donuts all the time… and the customer always comes first.